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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

myHarapan, myHope

who knows about myHarapan? is that shopping complex? singer? blogger?
ohoooooo.. i know all of us not know about the myHarapan.
so i will introduce little about it...

 myHarapan [“my hope” or “harapan ku”] is a Youth Trust Foundation that supports youth and youth projects that contribute to the social economy of Malaysia by providing platforms and opportunities.

so, guys..lets join us at myHarapan.please visit them at
very interesting program..and the lastest program that i joined was
seriously i feel that i'm soooooo humble. i'm mad to myself also.
a lot of things that i learned from this program.
infact, i feel ashamed to speak in english and i so surprised to see "dunia luar "
thats mean out of usim la. hahahhaa..
and to my friends at usim, dont feel "selesa sangat kat usim" because people outside so challenging and brave.

and readers who dont know more about usim, please google ok. haha.
we have to learn arabic until we are graduate. A lof of subject that   i have to learn even though some of us think that not related to our course. huhuhu... mostly comes from Islam background and Bumiputera only
in usim, we doesn't have any different races except Malays only..
so its hard for me to interact with different races and religion. because i'm afraid that i'll touch the sensitivity.
nevertheless.. its new for me ok. sorrounding with people 1 malaysia. hahahah

mostly they act like youth but think like minister~ how goods of them. Amazing~
ends about of myHarapan club...
so how are about you guys? all of you have "harapan ", right...

i wish i could speak English fluently before coming in Year 3..
i wish that i can get DEAN LIST for ALLAH and my parents,
i wish that i can go to overseas especially in international tour coming soon ..NEW ZEALAND~
and lastly, i wish that i can get a lot of experience, knowledge duniawi and ukhrawi to make a better life~

*ni aje leh pikir takat hari ini* hahhahahha

nantikan kemunculan saya dalam segmen, study week in holiday time~
sabah here i comeeeeeeee.. :)

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