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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Luck, FRIENDS

dear friends,
this week will be a busy week..i think not only usimians...
all the student ipta also...burn the midnight oil...
we are counting for important day..

so, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you..
best of luck... do you best..3 week will be hurricane day..
but, i know that all of us can perform well..
study hard, dont last minute(reminder for me also)
please, don't do this.....
do this :)
please take care of yourself....
make sure that you take your meal to get energy..
try to answer all with full of confident..
hopefully we will score..
strive for excellent.. INSYALLAH...
last but not least, pray for ours.....remember ALLAH..

from deep in my heart,
please forgive me whatever i did wrong...
thanks for everything..thanks for being my friends
you all are great friends!!!

with a lot of love,


Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

too bad aku tak boleh face final exam dengan batch sendiri. sobs. huhu

all the best pnaz!

fynazsya said...

thanks najlaa...
btw, dont feel sad ok..
mana tahu ko amek lambat boleh score nanti..hehehe..

selamat kembali ke alam kuliah :)

anithDEEBA said...

all the best pnaz :) doakan aku pelisssss :)

fynazsya said...

all the best to you juga anith!
yes..aku sentiase doakan kwn2 aku.. :)

zqa jasmi said...

jum same2 pulun kayyhh ?
weyh , jangan join club PSLM ( persatuan study last minit ) tapi tu macam aku je . HAHA ^_^
btw , gud luck .

najlaa ; don't worry keyh syg !

fynazsya said...

haishhh..nak pulun la ni..habes nya lum lagi..
hopefully leh score kali ni lak :)


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