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Saturday, April 16, 2011

ways to happy life

hye readers! such a long time i didnt wrote in this blog..
i'm so busy this week.. i got presentation, MUET, submit assigment,job interview etc....
and the most important part that, this week was my last lecture and tutorial...
so it means final exam just around the corner...dont know want to express my feeling.
is that i'm happy? or worried? because all the chapter not yet cover up...aigoo..
but never mind.. i'll to settle up right now..
nevertheless, let me finish to story first! 
do you know why i wrote this chapter?
 "ways to happy life" and "the most valuable thing is friendship"
don't you think that this sentence is relate each other? yes.exactly its related!
for your information, this topic is my muet's question...
the first title was speaking question and the next was writing question..
i'm lucky because all this question i did.. so i get point to elaborate..
but its open minded question...agree or doesn't matter.
so far, i can answer all the question..hopefully the examiners will give me extra mark! 
maybe band 5..hahhaa..just a dream..hopefully it will come true bebeh!

appreciate what you have. as a human being we have to appreciate what we have.
family, friends, time, etc. always keep in touch with them. it shows that we appreciate them.
even though we busy, but give a text or call , its enough! at least you know what life is getting on...

friend become first priority. sometimes friend can make our life cheerful.
not sometime but always. am i right? when you eat alone, go to library alone,...
i know it easy by doing ourself but sometimes we need friends to share our problem..
we need person to hang out, we need friends to help in lesson. we need them to talk.
so.. we need them in our life..but, be careful when they do friend we must help them and give moral support.

enjoy whatever you do! right now, enjoy what you have done. i know when we have passion...
it will more success... 

learn from mistake. the idiom has say that "experience is the best teacher"
we can be a mature person when we get a lot of experience. 
now we can differentiate whether it  good or not...

the sentence with the bold are actually the point that we need to elaborate in muet speaking..
hahahaaa.. hamtam saja la.....
ok, i know my grammar is terrible...but at least i try.....haha..
ok i got to go ..see u next time!

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