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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contract of love 2012

what's that? SOGA? contract act, hire purchase... etc..
actually, get impact from the commercial law studies~

ok, remember that, my exam is not finish yet! my friends and i struggled  to get A in law..
huhuhu.. can achieve that? chaiyookk! *biar mimpi sampai ke bintang*

so, as usual, got "tutorial class" before the exam, hahahhaa..
and the most important thing is note~ hoho.. colourful! kelasss kauu jahh!

friends, harap2 nota ini manfaat ye,, tak faham msg i ok! hahaha..
and this is only selingan yee..

don't blame me if u said that i'm not study law,,
see the title of the novel just now, related to the law right?

agreement without consideration : The Rule & the exceptions
General rule: section 26 of the Contract Act 1950 provides that, as a general rule , an agreement without consideration is void.
Exception : There are 3 exception. (Section 26 of the Contract Act)
1- S.26(a) an agreement which is expressed in writing ...and is made out of love and affection between the parties who stand in near relation with each other is valid agreement even though it is not supported with consideration.

see,,,,  can apply the law through the novel.. hahha
contract of love 2012.
and truly,..............
*lawak sengal* hok buku gini mane masuk exam finaz oiii...

stop nonsence, i want continue my studies! hahahha..
Pray for me as i pray for u dear~

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